How I Quit Dieting Forever

My recent post about my transformation went viral with over 1m views. Crazy. 

In the post I talked about the journey I went on, the obstacles I faced and my wish for everyone else to have their own transformation experience. 

But the reality is that when I started, I didn’t know I would succeed. In fact, I doubted I would because I’d tried and failed numerous times before. So today, I want to give you 5 secrets about HOW I started and stuck to my transformation. 

"Here’s what stopped me feeling awful and meant I never had to diet again…."
Rachael Sacedoti

1. I thought of my initial motivation like a tiny flame on a candle. My one job was to keep the candle burning whatever happened. On the easy days it felt like a raging inferno, but on the tough days, it barely flickered. But whatever happened, I never, ever let it go out.

Draw your mental picture and fight like mad for it. 

2. From day 1, the first thing I did everyday was make a commitment to myself about one specific positive action I was going to take. This was my only goal. To take a step forward every day. You’ll be amazed at how it snowballs.

Keep it simple and go all out for your one positive action every day.

3. People always say you should write your actions down and I’m sure it helps. But my route to creating accountability was to tell I everyone I met what I was doing. They probably thought I was crazy but I used their reactions to push me forward.

Bite-sized accountability is your best friend.

4. I went all out for tracking my progress. I wanted to see the changes from every angle. Take progress photos, track streaks and use the scales. Find positive trends and use them to fuel your fire.

Make it impossible to miss your progress.

5. Get savvy and find out more. Something clicked with me where I realised that a lot of stuff I read on line was literally nonsense. I’d had enough of being duped and so I started to research everything I was doing to make it sure it was helping me. Piece by piece my knowledge grew so I could ditch the fads and hacks which don’t work.

Build your knowledge so every step you take is forward. 

"Draw your mental picture and fight like mad for it."
Rachael Sacedoti

When you write it all down, it all sounds so simple. But when I started I was totally in the dark and these pieces dropped into place for me as a gift. 

If you’re feeling lost like I was and don’t know where to start, give it a go and see how you feel. It’s a great way to get going but I’m going to be honest with you, it’s not the complete answer. 

You’re also going to need to learn about how to exercise, what foods to eat, how to plan your weeks, how to create habits, how to manage your appetite, how to socialise, when to rest, how to recover, how to find your 80:20 balance, how to change your programme when you plateau.

There’s a lot to figure out and I it can feel overwhelming because each part makes such a big difference. 

It’s why the programme is called It’s So Simple and not It’s So Easy. It’s really is simple when you know how, but, as I found out on my journey, that’s totally different to being easy. If you’ve tried and failed before, I hope you’ll totally get this difference. 

I’m so proud of my transformation. I love how I feel and how confident and strong it’s made me feel. But when I look back at the journey, my god it was hard at times and I felt so LONELY as I fumbled my way through. 

It’s why I’ve built the system I wished I had then. It’s the ultimate simple shortcut. 

I promise, if you take the first step with the right guidance, there will be no stopping you.  

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