The Biggest Weight Loss Myth of All

Rachael Sacerdoti, personal trainer, nutritionist and founder of It's So Simple, looking at herself in the mirror

In 2009, Kate Moss was vilified for saying, ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.’ There was a major backlash and rightly so IMO. Supermodel skinny was followed by body positivity, which evolved into holistic wellbeing. The trends surrounding our body never end.

Despite this, it’s striking that of the 000’s of people me and my coaches speak to each year, the main desire we hear is still for weight loss. The public discussion might have moved on but in private women still want skinny, which sadly is the want that the ozempic craze is praying on.

"For years, society glorified thinness and that it made you happy. The perception that skinny equals happy is 100% still there."
Rachael Sacedoti

For years, society glorified thinness and created the illusion that it made you happy. The perception that skinny equals happy is 100% still there.

But here’s the thing, whilst it might be hard to shift, it’s a total myth.

My experience, and that of the women I’m privileged to help, is that our skinniest point was also our unhappiest. We were deprived of the foods we love. Our bodies ached. Our sleep was awful. We were tired all the time. We had zero energy. We felt truly miserable.

The greatest irony is that when I speak to the same women after our programme, NONE of them mention their weight. Literally zero. They rave about strength, energy levels, power, confidence, positive habits around food, freedom, happiness!

The change in their bodies is the biproduct of all of the habits we’ve helped them to build. Sure, client’s love this wonderful gift, but it isn’t the main story. It barely gets a mention in fact.

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The habits we layer upon one another build a lifestyle of peak performance – whether you’re a mum, teacher or CEO. Your mindset and your body powers you to go faster, higher, stronger, in everything you do. And once you have the lifestyle, all the benefits above follow.

And it feels incredible.

I used to believe these feelings were impossible for me to achieve. But it’s 100% achievable.

I’m proof and my clients are proof. 

The trick is to create the lifestyle of peak performance first, enjoy how it feels and watch your body join for the ride.

So, if you’re ready to feel fabulous, ready for peak performance, let us show you how. My coaches and I will guide you every step of the way. Let’s show skinny the door, and treasure just how good peak performance feels.

"If you want to look like a supermodel, you have to live like one first."
Rachael Sacedoti
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