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Welcome to the most powerful accountability system to help you feel fitter, leaner and in control.

With personal coaching on every meal, every workout, every day you’ll achieve more than you’ve ever believed you can.

It’s that simple.
And it works.
I am living proof of that.
It’s So Simple.


“At my heaviest, I felt sad, lonely and angry. I was caged and couldn’t break free. When your feet and your back can no longer support your body weight, you know you’re in trouble.”

After some serious soul searching and reflection, I realised that if I wanted to become a healthy, fit and happy person again, I would have to take matters into my own hands. There are no tricks! Yet, the formula is simple.

The main ingredients in my personal transformation were: determination, desire, knowledge, and consistency. And the glue that held them all together was accountability. Once you change your mindset into believing this, you can do anything you want, I am a living testament to this.

Three years later, I had lost a staggering 30kg (that I never truly believed I could shift), and I had qualified as a Personal Trainer. I am a changed person not only physically, but emotionally and mentally too. The positive impact that my transformation has had on me, and my loved ones is unimaginable. It has led me here today.


“You have really changed my mindset both mentally and physically and I feel stronger for it, you do this in a fierce women lifestyle program that combines self care, power, femininity and humour: the kind of woman I want to be!”

J.S. 37yrs old, Amsterdam




Life is a juggling act for us all! My method is designed to slot into your hectic life in a simple and realistic manner.


Nutrition is key. This is not a fad diet, this is about training your mind and body to eat a healthy, balanced diet at every meal, guilt-free. 


Worried you’re going to fall off the wagon? Skip your workouts? It’s So Simple will be with you every step of the way. 


You are not alone. EVER!
You will be part of a friendly, real, and relatable WhatsApp group with like-minded women.

"Being part of It’s So Simple has improved so many aspects of my life, given me energy, focus, determination and the drive to push through. I’m a much happier version of myself these days. "
"I didn’t have any expectations when I started apart from trying to lose all my baby weight. I’ve achieved that and so much more! It’s changed my whole mindset and create a really healthy relationship with food & exercise."
"Not only have I lost a huge amount of weight and had physical changes but the sense of empowerment, the strength and the mental fortitude that has come from looking after myself was more than I ever imagined."
"I've learned so much about how to balance my nutrition, how to exercise efficiently and how to stay consistent. Physically and mentally, I feel stronger, more resilient, more energized and more positive."
"I never thought it would be possible for me to have that confidence and feel the changes that I have always longed to have."
"I’ve spent many years battling with my weight, now I am consistent with my eating habits and exercise regime. I love this way of life!"



It’s So Simple Fitness Guide, learn how to maximise results with the right type of exercise.

Daily wellbeing guides and advice on topics such as, menopause, periods, digestion, sleep, alcohol and more.

Daily exercise goal check-ins

Learning fitness techniques and first-hand guidance on your form

It’s So Simple Amazon list for all your It’s So Simple essentials


It’s So Simple Recipe Book (160 recipes)

It’s So Simple Nutrition Guide, a balanced approach for a sustainable lifestyle

Daily feedback on your meals to ensure you’re eating well and feeling satisfied

Guidance on food choice when dining out, supermarket shopping or cooking

International food staples list and product sourcing for any specific need


Weekly private progress check-in with your coaches

Weekly submission of progress photos and weight

Daily motivation to keep you energised and on-track

Private 1:1 zoom coaching calls as required

Daily tracking of your completion of your exercises


Introduction webinar with your coaches

Community support from your coaches and your peers

Part of a community of supportive and like-minded members



Absolutely! About half of our clients are from the UK and the other half are spread across the globe, we have worked with clients across six continents. It brings so much inspiration to the groups as you see how the It’s So Simple lifestyle adapts differently for each client and across many cultures.

Every group is supported by two coaches and Rachael, with a maximum of 16 women in each group. (Research has shown this is the most effective group: coach ratio for lifestyle programmes.)

We have helped hundreds of women pre and post-natal. As long as you have the sign off medically, we will then tailor the program accordingly.

Yes! We can adjust the method according to any restrictions or injuries you may have. 

We offer the programme privately if you would prefer this option. If however, you are joining the group though, your weight and progress is only ever discussed and shared directly with Rachael and the coaches. The main group is used to share your workouts and your meals, this is key for accountability and motivation.

The It’s So Simple method is holistic in nature. It goes without saying that nutrition and fitness work together especially with accountability. However, we can definitely tailor the programme to your needs, but clients who follow the method most closely will get the best long-term results.

In a word, FAST! If you look at our progress pictures, you’ll notice that we often post transformation pictures after just two to four weeks. So, results are impressively quick. In addition, most clients report boosted energy levels, improved sleep, and better mood, in a matter of days!

The one thing that almost all our clients have in common is that they are VERY busy people! The It’s So Simple method is specifically tailored to fit into your day and work with your schedule, rather than become a chore. The daily workouts are typically around 25 minutes long and you can do this at any time of the day you choose. We’ll also help you plan the best schedule that works for your lifestyle, to ensure this is a change, not just for now, but forever.

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