Boost Your Calorie Burn by 25%

One of the most common things you hear about weight loss is ‘calories in, calories out‘ and how you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. For years, I simply thought this meant eating less. Starving myself, fasting, juicing…you name it, I tried it. You probably have too.

But once I explored a little deeper and started to understand the science of weight loss, I realised how flawed this approach was.

I also realised how I could boost my daily energy burn by 25% with two small, sustainable changes. 

What calories in vs calories out really looks like...

Imagine a giant set of scales, with ‘calories in’ on one side, and ‘calories out’ on the other. You might think that another way to describe this is food on one side and exercise on the other. Not only is this scientifically wrong, it’s also hugely damaging to your motivation and chances of transformation success.

In simple terms, here’s what the energy balance scales really look like:

Today, I want to focus on the energy out side of the scales, explore how you burn calories and arm you with the knowledge that helped me boost my daily calorie burn by 25%.

Understanding Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)

There are 4 ways your body uses energy – or what is called your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Let’s explore these in more detail…

Let’s start with exercise or exercise activity thermogenesis (EAT) to give it its technical name. For most people this equates to about 5% of your daily energy usage. This doesn’t mean working out isn’t important. Quite the opposite in fact given all the feel-good, sculpting benefits of exercise. But for weight loss, it’s not the main event.

In fact, the main event is your basal metabolic rate or BMR. This is the number of calories your body needs to perform basic functions like breathing and circulating blood at rest. This typically equates to c.70% of your TDEE – by some distance the biggest single contributor.

But the last two parts are where I want to focus and made the biggest difference for me at the start of my journey. They also helped me boost my calorie burn by 25%. 

Possibly the neatest bit of weight loss you’ll ever get is understanding the importance of NEAT energy usage. This stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis or to put it another way, all the calories burned through daily activities like walking, fidgeting, and even typing.

Increasing NEAT can significantly boost your TDEE and aid weight loss. NEAT makes up c.15% of daily calorie burn and so if you’re ever having second thoughts about whether to take the steps or elevator, this stat is the one to make you move.

Finally TEF or the thermic effect of food. This relates to the energy used to digest, absorb, and process the food you eat. Certain foods like protein require more energy for digestion, giving your metabolism a boost. Typically this can equate to 10% of your BMR. It’s why I love protein so much – it’s energy burning for free! 

How I used this to boost my calorie burn by 25%

Knowledge really is power, especially when it comes to losing weight. Once I’d realised the importance of this equation, it gave me the motivation to do these two things and boost my calorie burn by 25%: 


Firstly,  I upped my daily step count and walked everywhere I could. 

I took stairs over elevators. I walked to the shops. 

I walked the kids to school. I swapped my sedentary lifestyle for a 15% boost. 

I used my knowledge of NEAT energy burn to fuel my motivation.


Secondly, I increased my protein intake at every meal and snack to get another 10% boost. 

I used this knowledge to boost my portion sizes, remove hunger pangs and get back to eating foods I loved.


The Art and Science of Weight Loss

Two simple steps, that boosted my calorie burn by 25%. And it all stemmed from understanding the basics of weight loss. Because there is an art and a science to weight loss transformations.

It’s what the It’s So Simple approach is based on and why I love sharing as much information as I can on Instagram and with my clients. The more you understand WHY, the more you can shortcut your journey and ditch the fake news that have been part of every other diet you’ve ever done.

So if weight loss and fat loss is a priority for you right now, or if you’ve hit a plateau, turn your attention to NEAT and TEF. Focus on the little habits that you can stick to every day. I promise you they really do add up. You’ll be amazed at what will happen in just a few weeks.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and see the appeal of shortcutting the process, why not contact my team for a chat to find out more about how we can help.

Our next programme starts next week. Perfect timing for summer….


Now, before my fellow weight loss science geeks jump all over this and say it’s an oversimplification – I’m here to say I know!

I know how the energy ranges can vary a lot person to person, I know that when we cut calories without exercising that our BMR can drop, I know that exercising at the same time as cutting calories can mean we burn fewer calories for the same amount of exercise etc etc. 

But I also know that when you’re starting out on your journey, you need simple insights that motivate you to change and that are achievable and that you can sustain.

I know the weight loss formula changes continually and can be complex…it’s exactly why my programme includes constant support and coaching to shortcut the process and unlock the formula for you. 

It’s where the art of weight loss meets the science.

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